Comic stripe in Japan,
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So far from regular Mangas. Japan has indeed more charm and fun that what everyone could imagine just by looking at the main publications from the country !
It's another land, another language, another feeling, but believe it : human beings are very similar ! Same reactions, same defects and same qualities.

Witty humour ? : here is the straight reality of the Rising Sun Heaven !!!
Did you read "heaven"?  ... Sure! some kind of ...

Sorry for the slow wire : each page is other 200kbs, but allows the reading of the details. Without details, comic stripes are so sad ...

idea of japan, japan civilisation, and nature
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 Note from the author : being French, most of the interpreted expressions, here, are far to stand on the best English talking line.
Comic stripes words need to be quick, full of the straightest meaning, the words from the street. The English version of this book, certainly miss the help of a native, to pull it perfectly on the cutting hedge of humour.
Would you excuse my imperfections !
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